Welcome to the Oxford Materials Outreach (Schools Liaison) website. Our three main aims are:
(a) To raise public awareness of Materials Science as a scientific discipline by providing information about academic and industrial applications of the subject and the many career opportunities it presents.
(b) To make available all of the information students may require when contemplating applying to study Materials Science at Oxford.
(c) To develop and make available teaching and learning resources that can be used by schools and colleges in the 14-19 education sector to increase the appreciation and enjoyment of the fascinating developments in Materials Science today, and tomorrow!

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A new undergraduate recruitment pamphlet which summarises the information in the course brochure is available here.

Students applying for Materials Science courses at Oxford are required to take the Physics Aptitude Test.
For further details on this, please see the Admissions website
Sample papers can be seen at: PAT TEST

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Upcoming Events

  • Y12 Materials and Physics Masterclass
    This Masterclass for Y12 students will be hosted jointly by the Materials and Physics departments on Wednesday 10th December 2014. THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED!

  • Undergraduate Admissions Interviews - Hospitality
    15th - 17th December 2014. Interviews for undergraduate applicants to Materials Science in Colleges.
    Drop-In hospitality at Holder Cafe for Interviewees; a chance to have a chat, a tour or just to chill out. Go to Materials Reception for details.

  • Hirsch Lecture 2015
    The 2015 Hirsch lecture will be given by Molly Stevens, Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine at Imperial College London, at 5.00pm on Friday 16th January 2015.

  • Y10 Materials and Physics Workshop
    This Workshop for Y10 students will be hosted jointly by the Materials and Physics departments on Wednesday 22nd January 2014.

Recent Events:

Hirsch Lecture 2013
A recording of the Hirsch lecture, given by Professor Mark Miodownik on Friday 18th January 2013, can be seen at 2013 Hirsch Lecture.

Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences
Over 1500 sixth form students attended the joint Physics and Materials Science presentations at the Student Conferences held in March 2014. We had a fantastic response and we look forward to seeing even more in March 2015 at Newcastle, Haydock Park (North-West), Epsom Downs (Greater London), Swansea and Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham. More details are available at the Oxbridge conference website.

Museum of the History of Science
Based in the original buildings of the Ashmolean museum, the Museum of the History of Science offers a range of activities and workshops suitable for all Key Stages in both science and History. For more information:- Museum of the History of Science

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