Resources under development

Resources under development:

These resources are currently being trialled, changed or edited to make them suitable for use. Please feel free to look at them, and any feedback would be gratefully received. You should carry out your own risk assessments before using any of these trial resources.

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Resources in process of development

Link to Resource
Type of Resource
Development stage
Hardness testingPupil Worksheetfinal editingNeeds questions?
Hardness testingTeacher Notesinitial editingStill being changed
Ammonia DiffusionTeacher Notesinitial editingNeeds curriculum links
Enthalpy of CrystallisationTeacher Notesinitial editing/curriculum linksNot teacher/pupil friendly yet
Viscous Goo ChallengeTeacher Notesinitial editingNot teacher/pupil friendly yet
Goo - How It WorksPowerPoint Presentationfinal editingReady to use
Reactivity series and CorrosionPupil Notesinitial editingNot teacher/pupil friendly yet
Reactivity series and CorrosionTeacher Notesinitial editingNot teacher/pupil friendly yet
Egg TelescopePowerPoint PresentationFinal versionOnly suitable for guidance
GuesstimatePowerPoint PresentationFinal editingReady to use
Hounsfield Demo video (19Mb .wmv)demo videotrial versionNot suitable for class use
Tensile Testing Masterclass (13Mb)Teachers Notes final editingReady to use

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