ExtraCurricular activities

Activities and Visits in and around Oxford

We have provided links here to organisations, either associated with the University or located in the Oxford area, that may be able to offer activities and visits.

Museum of the History of Science

The Museum of the History of Science has a unique collection of early scientific instruments and models in an historic building which housed the original Ashmolean Museum. It provides a stimulating context for school groups looking for science based activities. Science teachers are often interested in activities that explore How Science Works and the historical development of Ideas and Evidence. Groups of up to 50 students can be accommodated by dividing into two groups of 25. This allows one group to use a self-guided worksheet or trail whilst the other group experiences a hands-on activity. The groups swap over after about 30 minutes.
Possible hands-on activities include:
The Astrolabe:
This is a tried and tested activity focussing on a novel instrument. A brief introduction and discussion about astronomy leads to a demonstration of the large armillary sphere in the top gallery exploring changing ideas about the Universe. This is followed by a modelling activity in which students make a model astrolabe.
The Art of Navigation:
A brief discussion focussing on the development of navigation in the great age of exploration leads to a hands-on demonstration of navigational instruments, including the back-staff, mariner's astrolabe and sextant. Students can make their own model quadrant.
Tailor-made tours are available on other themes relating to the collection including Time (sundials and clocks), Electricity, Microscopy, and the development of Penicillin in war-time Oxford.

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