This section gives an indication of the possible career opportunities open to Materials Scientists, and links to specific examples.

Materials Science includes many of the most exciting areas of scientific and technological development in the world today. It offers great career opportunities in industrial research and development and many other areas ranging from academia to the world of business, finance and management. The knowledge and skills acquired while studing for a degree in Materials Science make graduates highly sought-after by this wide range of employers.

Career Sectors for Materials Graduates include:

  • University Lecturer or Researcher
  • Materials related industry which ranges from aerospace and space exploration to packaging for household products; developing new materials and new products, quality control, production, sales, marketing etc. Industrial applications include Ceramics - Composites - Electronics - Engineering (all types) - Medical suppliers - Metals - Nuclear Industry - Packaging - Plastics - Household products
  • Science administration
  • Oil companies
  • Teaching
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Armed Forces
  • VSO - Voluntary Service Overseas

Many companies do not require work-specific education, they train you on the job. They do require, however, skilled people with analytical minds. As a Materials graduate you easily fit into:-

  • Advertising
  • Finance: Accountancy - Banking - Stockbroking - Consultancy - Venture Capital
  • Publishing: Editing - Journalism - Proof reading - Production
  • Civil Service: Foreign Office - Ministry of Defence etc.
  • Administration

The legal profession also takes graduates with first degrees in Materials Science to train as lawyers specialising in industrial law requiring a high level of scientific knowledge. For example patents and contracts between multinational companies worth many millions of pounds.

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